Elven Burnish Birch Trees

The second wrap in my FireSpiral wrap reviews was the Elven Burnish Birch Trees. First thing to note is the gorgeous color. The forest green and  charcoal make for a gorgeous earth tone feel. Masculine enough for my husband to feel manly wearing! This was by far the softest wrap I have ever used. With an Alchemy blend of 87% cotton, 5% merino, 8% linen. the weight was on the medium side with a 275 gsm, perfect here in Oregon as the season was still wet but not super cold. This wrap made the perfect snuggling wrap. With every use creating more softness, my little Max (whom really wasn’t so little) was very comfortable and happy to be wrapped up with Mommy.

Being an active family, we took this Eleven beauty out on lots of hikes and short strolls to the nearby pond. The smooth texture and shorter length made wrapping easy. The bold contrast in the colors, made this a stand out wrap, perfect for the season. As a nature person, I especially enjoy the weave pattern of trees in this wrap. With this being an active family, I found that on some of my longer hikes I was adjusting more so then with a heavier wrap. Do not let that detour you from loving this wrap. We do long hikes, with lots of climbing. Our activity level is high, not to mention I am chasing a toddler at the same time

Though this wrap would not be my first pick for our camping trips and long hikes, it would be my first pick for strolls to museums and zoos or our favorite (eyes rolling) grocery getting.  This would make a great wrap for beach days. My favorite wrap for rainy chilly days when all anyone wants to do is snuggle! The extreme softness makes for a wonderful way to snuggle with the littles. I wont try to hide that I doubled this wrap as a snuggle blanket on car rides and nap times. I am pretty sure my youngest was more sad to see it leave then even  I.

In all I would recommend this wrap to those who are looking for a sturdy but ever so soft wrap. Perfect for long cuddles and youngsters who love soft things. Please stop by FireSpiral and check out their gorgeous Elven Burnish in their Burnish line.


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