Bed time rituals

Alright. Its bed time. Kids are fed, cleaned up and in their pajamas. It’s snuggle time on the couch. Usually each kid picks a parent to snuggle. Sometimes both kids choose one parents lap (mine) making for one who is comfortable on (his) their own couch while the other is squished under two kids. After dinner there is about thirty mins before the kids are officially in bed time mood. Which is great! A little family bonding time over  an episode of “Super Readers!” After that, if the kids havent fallen asleep it’s to bad and off to bed. This is where the fun starts! 

You know those families that believe the best sleep after kids is when everyone is in the same bed? Well. We are not one of them. We put our boys to bed in their OWN beds every night. In their own room. We are establishing with them this is their room, their bed, THEIR space. After lights out and tucking in each kid 5 times, they are snoring. 

If they went down quick and easy. Oh good! Ice cream time! Grab the spoon and peanut butter. And maybe some chocolate syrup. Scoot over and let’s watch something with less singing and more anything! However. If husband is left to pick alone it usually ends up being some trashy late night show. (Insert sound of “dying a little inside”) No matter the show. It is still our time to snuggle and eat ice cream without the kids around to steal some. 

“Glass of water. Crust of bread. Then its off to bed. Off to bed.” Brush our teeth. Turn off the heater blanket. Finally! Bed time! Now is the moment where I become very jealous of my husband. As he can lay his head on a pillow and fall asleep within moments. I may lay there for twenty mins or HOURS before falling asleep. Though once I do, I can not drift away fully. The kids are bound to wake up a couple times. Which usually happens around the same time each night. Now you maybe thinking this is where I complain but on the contrary. 

I wake up with the kids as I am the stay at home parent. I go to their room and see what is wrong. With the younger son, he usually just needs a quick feed or his favorite lovey put back into his hand. The oldest will wake usually for a glass of water or to potty. There are nights however when the baby just wont lay down in his crib. Or is feeling like he needs to get a whole 3 course meal out of me. Or my favorite time TEETHING These nights he usually comes to bed with us big kids. My oldest has his nights that I can only assume are bad dreams. He just comes to our bed or if I greet him at his bed he just takes my hand and leads me to my bed. Whatever the reason I just lift him up and watch him snuggle in. Yes. Some nights we are sharing our bed with not one but two kids. It can be rough. Blankets get stolen. Pillows thrown off the bed. I have even slept upside down in the bed to have more room. But we sleep. 

 Though we are really trying to get the boys to sleep in their own bed. We also know they wont be small forever. Some day the snuggles will just stop. The late nights won’t call for a parent to come help relax back into dream land. Children grow fast. So for us. We just scoot over. Move the pillows and keep spare blankets near. Even turn upside down in bed. We just remind ourselves how we have the rest of our lives to snuggle without the kids. But we only have these fleeting evenings with our kids before they are grown. I truly love when my boys want to snuggle. I can feel the love! 

That’s what co sleeping is like in this house. It isnt the amazing sleep like I’m sure you hear about. Sure my husband and I miss the nights where we slept all night through. Yes. We make fun each other about our bed never being empty. However. We smile knowing the nights the kids need us. We are here. Uncomfortable, tired, squished but so full of joy. I dont recomend co sleeping. But this version of co sleeping works for us. And I know it’s temporary. 
With love…


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