Wrapping with Firespiral

A few weeks ago, I was selected to test a beautiful wrap from Firespiral. This woven wrap was super soft after just the first wash! It is a 100% cotten weave with a 265GSM. Buttery soft with excellent support. I tell you, this wrap was perfect for this very active family.  The birch wrap had enough grip to tandem carry my two kids who between them, weigh in at fifty or so pounds. That’s a whole lot of wearing! 

We are often out hiking our local state parks. Walking our husky no matter the weather, has become a time for everyone to make memories. We loved that Firespiral provided a wrap that could stand up to that challenge. Especially with a toddler who loves to walk on his own, we needed a wrap that can make up down up down a breeze. The grip of this weave was amazing. Great for carrying my toddler on long trails. The support was also nice for carrying the little while weaving in and out of the way of tree limbs and brush. The super soft weave was also great for keeping the little squish comfortable and warm! This was a great feature as we live where it rains most of the year. Making for more cold days and puddle jumping! The added warmth allowed for less bulky layering when doing a lot of in and out of car days (grocery days ugh). My children and I run warmer and rather enjoy a little chill over being hot ans sweaty. Less layers is always better! Mostly though, I could not get over how soft this wrap was. I loved touching it so much I wanted to make it a pillow! Just so I had a reason to snuggle with it even if no kids were in it! Over all, this was an amazing wrap. Perfect for any stage of wrapping! 

 The pattern on this wrap was so elegant. Not to mention the soft colors! With the perfect shades of green and aqua, my husband even enjoyed wearing it! (He is not a pink fan *giggle*) I absolutely loved wearing this everywhere I went. We wore this wrap while out on five mile hikes through state parks. Out in the rain to walk the dog. Even to the grocery store for milk and cookies. No matter where we were, someone wanted to stop and talk about the beauty of this wrap I was rocking. I was sad to part with it but I reminded myself that life is about sharing. Especially if it is sharing joy. Besides, now the husband knows where to shop for my birthday coming up! 

If you are just starting your wrapping years or have just been itching for a new snuggly wrap! I hope to see you swing over to Firespiral and check out their amazing, comfortable, soft and so beautiful wraps and slings. Visit them at their Facebook page  @firespiralslings or head straight to the website,http://www.firespiralslings.co.uk/ for release dates and availabilities on other wraps! The customer service is amazing. So any questions feel free and invited to ask! With so many options and blends to choose from, Firespiral will be your babywearing one stop shop! 

Keep them close! They grow so fast! 

Thank you Firespiral! 


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