Twiga 4 in 1 sweater 

Let me start off by saying that we live in a more often than not cold state. Oregon isn’t the state of sunshine most of the year. When taking our walks, bundling up is a must. But trying to keep the Mr. Max warm while in his wrap or carrier can be tricky. You don’t want to over layer your little while being in a carrier. So finding something that is multi functional is a must! 

I found Twiga! I have their 4 in 1 sweater for the everyday use it provides. From being able to finally cover the baby bump to carrying both kids. As it has a snap closer in back for back carry and a multi zipper front to accommodate prego bellies and front carry positions. I love wearing this sweater even when not carrying kids. The sweater is nice and long to accommodate being worn over kids which is a plus! No riding up. No back being exposed. Its amazing just for that alone. It also has a cowl like collar to be able to pull up against a chill. But it also works well to support bouncing heads and covering up while breastfeeding. The angled zipper allows for perfect adjustments if the collar with little fuss. Plus. It is pretty! 

I generally do not have to carry my toddler. However I do carry my youngest a lot. From wrapping or ssc carriers, we do a lot of outside acrivities to keep us busy. From grocery shopping to walking the dog. We even try to go to different state parks or wood like parks to play and explore. With the amount of outside time we have, attire is of importance. Especially when Oregon can go from sunny to snow in ten mins! It is so easy to be out on a trail and the breeze picks up or the shade from trees drops the temp, to bring out our sweater and bundle up together. Keeping us at a comfortable body temp,  while also allowing Max to rest his head against my chest (great for feeding on the go). 

I wear this sweater everyday. Even if the kids are in strollers. It is comfortable and super cute. I know my boys love it as well. Next on my Twiga wish list, is a rain coat! 

If you would like a sweater or a coat for your babywearing adventures head over to Or visit them on facebook @twiga4babywearing. Check out all their options. From mommy to daddy or even kid accessories. They something for everyone and every need. 

Ps. They have new colors and patterns and customizable options! 


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