Nap time

So its nap time in this house. The little guy is already asleep. Now if only my toddler wouldn’t be going through a phase of “no nap!” So I bribe the nap with a movie. Lets be honest. I need the thirty mins to sit here too. I cherish these last few times of him falling asleep while his head rests against me. I can run my fingers through his freshly showered hair. It won’t be long before he naps no more. So soon the snuggles fade and the giggles quiet.

I love nap time….

I can drink my coffee and day dream about the day. All the plans I have on my mental checklist. None of which will go as planned because these are my boys. Nothing goes as planned! But we will have fun making messes. I dont mind the paint on the floors. Oe ths markers on the walls.  It is an art room right? Soon enough I wont have all these pieces of art work to decorate the house. So I smile and remind myself there is plenty of time for nice things later. For now. Enjoy these moments.

I love nap time……..

With love.


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