Let’s get to know each other 

Hello! My name is Taylorlynn. Stay at home mother and wife. I have two sons under two. They are my world. Everyday is a new adventure here. As you well know, children are always full of surprises.We are a semi “crunchy” family. Which I guess makes me “one of those parents” from time to time. We love the outdoors no matter the weather. Trying to keep the kids busy and my sanity can be daunting. Still, everyday I try to continue to take advantage of staying home with the kids. Though I have found you can only do so much with one kid almost two and the other under one.
I want to share the day to day grind that makes us a family. Maybe you will find your own moments are shared with ours. Lets be honest. We all have days that are amazing and make us proud. But we also have those other days. The ones that make us question everything! I want to be here to remind you “You got this!” and “This to shall pass.” I want to share ideas and tricks I have learned along the way. Give you a reason to giggle while you try to enjoy that cup of coffee before the kids wake up. (I couldn’t even get half way through my own before I heard the sounds of children waking) Because lets face it. Its not like I have some secret manual to family life. I too get those days where I want to hide in the bathroom. So why not share the laughs and tears. Who knows. Maube you’ll tell me your own story. We all know life is crazy with kids  ………. Because …..KIDS!

With love…..